Do you have a professional PRCA rodeo in your town?  If not, maybe you'd like to take a look at the WILD RIDES RODEO package?  What does it include?

  • A top-notch PRCA Rodeo
  • That rodeo made into annual behind-the-scenes WILD RIDES episodes on the COWBOY CHANNEL
  • A concert featuring the BREAKING EIGHT BAND, RFD-TV and COWBOY CHANNEL music coordinators
  • The possible opening of a SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS CAFE with WILD RIDES dance club
  • Regular concerts/dances at the SCM/WR dance club featuring SCM/WR entertainment
  • Periodic live taping events with live audience for SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS on RFD-TV and WILD RIDES on the COWBOY CHANNEL at your SCM/WR restaurant/dance club
  • Extensive social media exposure
  • And loads of fun

Email for details and to receive a bid!