30 Apr

By Kevin Holten

Is there a silver lining to this coronavirus cloud? It’s hard to see one right now.

After all, this virus did a surprise attack. It used guerilla tactics to sneak up on and outflank the medical community, catching them off guard, with them having to suddenly scramble to play catch-up.

We don’t expect that. Instead, we expect them to have a cure for almost everything. Or if not a cure, at least a pill to pop to alleviate the symptoms. But this time the disease passed our disease fighters on the freeway, and you can see it waving back at them through the car’s back window.

As it stands, their best advice is a simple one that takes less than a medical degree to prescribe. Their best advice is to stay away, from everyone.

That’s not being critical of the medical community. After all, fighting many types of mutating diseases while putting your life on the line is like trying to shoot a moving target while mounted on the back of a galloping horse. A lot of things must come together for you to succeed.

Meanwhile that isolation solution is a tough one for us because, like horses and cattle, we are herd animals. We believe in strength in numbers and teamwork. And now we are forced to go it alone.

And you could almost call it an urban disease, because that’s where it’s hitting the hardest. Out here, in the wild west, it’s much easier for us to get away from it all. In the big city canyons, it’s nearly impossible.

And perhaps that’s what’s most frustrating to us. We’re wondering why something that is so infrequent here can so effectively slam the brakes on our lives, bringing it to a halt while jeopardizing our futures?

At least if it’s cancer, the person with the cancer must deal with it. With the coronavirus, we are led to believe that everyone in the world must deal with it, no matter what.

Then again, maybe that’s the silver lining. Maybe we needed someone to slam the brakes on our lives?

Was our rush, rush, busy every moment, multi-tasking lifestyle leading us over a cliff? And suddenly this coronavirus comes along and says to us: “Look everybody, I know you’re going to hate me for this but I’m here to slow you down, isolate you, make you think a little bit and force you to get your priorities in order.”

“I could have sent you a simple text,” it continues, “but you only react to pain. So that’s the way it’s got to be.”

It reminds me of when my dad was in an explosion when he was 50 years old. It nearly killed him but at the same time it saved his life. Because prior to that he was sucking on Old Gold’s to the tune of multiple packs a day. And if he hadn’t stopped then, smoking would have done him in long ago. Instead, he’s now enjoying the fruits of his labor.

So maybe it is helping us to avoid a train wreck. Bringing us closer together. Showing us how stupid it is to fight over the little things.

Or maybe its just a virus that needs to run its course. Either way, it’ll have the same effect.

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