30 Sep

By Kevin Holten

COVID 19 has turned America and the world into a skittish gelding.  And what do I mean by that?  Let me explain.

A skittish gelding is a male horse that lives in a constant state of fear.  I’m qualified to make that comparison because I own a skittish gelding and I live in America.

Some years ago a man who couldn’t do anything with the horse asked me to take him off his hands, this after Bingo, the grey gelding, jumped, bucked or jerked and sent his owner flying all the way to the emergency room.  Enough was enough, he declared.

Bingo is afraid of everything.  People, noises, wind, his shadow, and sometimes I think, himself.  He needs major counseling.

“Well, he must have really been abused in his youth,” everyone says.

“Get over it,” I say.

After three years of feeding, providing, nurturing and my being nice to the dingbat, Bingo still runs from me.

Here’s how it works:  If I want to put a bridle on him, tie him to a hitching post, put a saddle on him and work with him, I need to first lure him into a pen and then rope him. 

That’s not so unusual, in the beginning.

After doing that for an entire day, two or more and getting him to the point where he’ll actually eat sweet feed out of my hand, allow me to lead him around and even let me hop into the saddle, the next day he’s right back where he was, as if he has no memory of what took place the prior day.

He is the epitome of the movie, GROUND HOG DAY, with Bill Murray.

Perhaps it’s Alzheimer’s, a split personality, or maybe inbreeding or maybe it’s a demonic take-over.  After all, if he’s with other horses he will tease and torture them, to no end.  And yet, he can’t be by himself and he refuses to change.  He refuses to trust.

What is the result?  He lives in a false world.  His life is an illusion.  Fear dominates and destroys his life, for no logical reason.  He creates his own hell.  Meanwhile, all the other horses here at the ranch come to me whenever they see me, follow me like best little buddies, they seem to enjoy hugs, they are fat and happy and very rideable.  Life is good, for them.  And there’s no reason Bingo couldn’t live in that same world, but he’s too afraid to.

That’s where America is right now.  America is Bingo.  We’ve created our own fear, stress and destruction, for no real reason.  And we’ve done it to ourselves, out of fear.

We’ve torn down our society, ruined countless lives, institutions, companies and small business, with many more yet to be ruined, all because we’re scared.  Scared of and fooled by an enemy that hasn’t come close to being what it’s been made out to be.  Ruined by an enemy that is more imagined than actual.

A senseless, needless, course of destruction, unimagined and so lethal that, unless it is turned around immediately, it flirts with mayhem and anarchy.

All because we refuse to give up control.  A control we think we have but don’t.

It’s silly and stupid, just like Bingo.  So, get over it.  Get back to living because it’s the only choice there is.

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