The official band of SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS on RFD-TV and WILD RIDES on the COWBOY CHANNEL is the BREAKING EIGHT BAND, an extraordinary country/pop band with rodeo and ranching roots. Their song, "I Been A Cowboy" closed out WILD RIDES episodes on at least 100 occasions and their new song "Wild Rides" both opens and closes each episode now. You'll love their music and especially their new album, which is coming out soon.

This very creative songwriter and singer is also a theme song contributor to SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS and WILD RIDES. Her song "Ride For 8 Seconds" led off the shows for at least 100 episodes. She too has recently recorded a number of new songs that'll be part of our shows.

Listen to "Ride for 8 Seconds"

SCM and Wild Rides MusicSCM and Wild Rides Music