We tape interviews in too many different locations to list. For example, the interview for our two episodes of WILD RIDES for the COWBOY CHANNEL, featuring World Champion Monty "Hawkeye" Henson and NFR Bronc Rider Bud Pauley, took place in a cozy cabin near George and Karen Yost's roping arena on the west side of Billings, Montana. We've taped behind the chutes, in the arena, on boats cruising down Idaho's Snake River, in woods, mountains, on prairies, in saloons, in churches and museums and even in the living quarters of horse trailers. And not every interviewee is bursting with excitement when the interview begins, but we've had only one out of hundreds say they didn't have loads of fun doing it, when it was done.

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SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS episodes on RFD-TV and WILD RIDES episodes on the COWBOY CHANNEL are to rodeo what NFL Films are to professional football. But not all episodes are about rodeo stars and rodeos. They are also about historical sites and events. And one of those "different" episodes is about the BUFFALO BILL CODY MUSEUM OF THE WEST, which is one of the top two finest western museums in the United States.

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Often times real history is more unbelievable than an exotic Hollywood script. But most importantly, through our interviews, we document past and present history. And if you do not preserve that history, you lose it. When we gather that history, in most cases, it is not second-hand. It is an individual's interpretation of what happened to them in that moment. A precious documentation of exciting events that can be lived over and over again by generations yet to come. And it is, in many ways, a preserving of traditional American values.

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