Special Cowboy Moments Productions produces SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS for prime time airing on RFD-TV and WILD RIDES for prime time airing on the COWBOY CHANNEL, every week, all year long.  

Each series feature interviews of elite rodeo and ranching cowboys and cowgirls, mixed together with experts in western history. The stories they tell are exciting, educational, emotional and best of all, real. And interestingly enough, the interview sessions, like a roller coaster ride, take us from reminiscing about life's highest highs to, sometimes, life's lowest lows, leaving us in tears one minute and rolling on the floor in laughter the next.

Mostly these episodes are all about gathering rich western history for generations to share. If you don't collect it, you lose it. While, at the same time, collecting footage that is entertaining, precious and priceless.

Examples of interviews include the episodes we taped with paraplegic barrel racer and inspiration to so many, Amberley Snyder, about whom NETFLIX made a movie entitled WALK, RIDE, RODEO.  Plus those episodes where YELLOWSTONE (Paramount Series) Star, Cole Hauser, talked about his pride and emotional investment in his craft and character.  And interviews with Six Time World Champion and Rodeo Legend, Larry Mahan, who talked about his life in the arena and after rodeo.  Along with so many other legends, all of whom at one point in their life, nearly gave up, but persevered and went on to greatness.  Yes, perseverance seems to always be the dominant theme that surfaces in every interview.