We tape interviews in too many different locations to list. For example, the interview for our two episodes of WILD RIDES for the COWBOY CHANNEL, featuring World Champion Monty "Hawkeye" Henson and NFR Bronc Rider Bud Pauley, took place in a cozy cabin near George and Karen Yost's roping arena on the west side of Billings, Montana. We've taped behind the chutes, in the arena, on boats cruising down Idaho's Snake River, in woods, mountains, on prairies, in saloons, in churches and museums and even in the living quarters of horse trailers. And not every interviewee is bursting with excitement when the interview begins, but we've had only one out of hundreds say they didn't have loads of fun doing it, when it was done.

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SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS episodes on RFD-TV and WILD RIDES episodes on the COWBOY CHANNEL are to rodeo what NFL Films are to professional football. But not all episodes are about rodeo stars and rodeos. They are also about historical sites and events. And one of those "different" episodes is about the BUFFALO BILL CODY MUSEUM OF THE WEST, which is one of the top two finest western museums in the United States.

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Often times real history is more unbelievable than an exotic Hollywood script. But most importantly, through our interviews, we document past and present history. And if you do not preserve that history, you lose it. When we gather that history, in most cases, it is not second-hand. It is an individual's interpretation of what happened to them in that moment. A precious documentation of exciting events that can be lived over and over again by generations yet to come. And it is, in many ways, a preserving of traditional American values.

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Special Cowboy Moments Productions produces SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS for prime time airing on RFD-TV and WILD RIDES for prime time airing on the COWBOY CHANNEL, every week, all year long.  

Each series feature interviews of elite rodeo and ranching cowboys and cowgirls, mixed together with experts in western history. The stories they tell are exciting, educational, emotional and best of all, real. And interestingly enough, the interview sessions, like a roller coaster ride, take us from reminiscing about life's highest highs to, sometimes, life's lowest lows, leaving us in tears one minute and rolling on the floor in laughter the next.

Mostly these episodes are all about gathering rich western history for generations to share. If you don't collect it, you lose it. While, at the same time, collecting footage that is entertaining, precious and priceless.

Examples of interviews include the episodes we taped with paraplegic barrel racer and inspiration to so many, Amberley Snyder, about whom NETFLIX made a movie entitled WALK, RIDE, RODEO.  Plus those episodes where YELLOWSTONE (Paramount Series) Star, Cole Hauser, talked about his pride and emotional investment in his craft and character.  And interviews with Six Time World Champion and Rodeo Legend, Larry Mahan, who talked about his life in the arena and after rodeo.  Along with so many other legends, all of whom at one point in their life, nearly gave up, but persevered and went on to greatness.  Yes, perseverance seems to always be the dominant theme that surfaces in every interview.
Special Cowboy Moments Productions has produced hundreds of episodes of SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS for RFD-TV and WILD RIDES for the COWBOY CHANNEL.  Eventually you will have access to them for a small annual fee.  For now, however, here are links to access a few episodes that you may want to explore:

SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS episode featuring Ned & Beau Ledoux for RFD-TV:

SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS episode featuring World Champion Ted Nuce for RFD-TV: https://vimeo.com/389595984 

SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS episode featuring YELLOWSTONE cast members Forrie Smith and Cole Hauser: https://vimeo.com/387563679  

WILD RIDES CNFR episode featuring World Champion Calf Roper Haven Meged:

WILD RIDES episode featuring the Steiners at Cheyenne Frontier Days:
From the beginning we designed our SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS on RFD-TV and WILD RIDES on the COWBOY CHANNEL episodes so that a sponsor's ad or their taped opening introduction would remain with the show forever.  Why did we do that?  Because we knew that the historical content in these episodes would be timeless.  In other words, the episodes would never lose their value and could be aired over and over again, on television and online.  That's why we created the slogan:  "Gathering rich western history for generations to share"

Since then, our episodes have gone from appearing one day a week to almost every day each week on the COWBOY CHANNEL. Plus our episodes are re-aired on local cable network access channels and other CW Network affiliates, for example. Which means that, we have many sponsors who paid a one-time fee who are now continuing to get exposure, over and over again, years later. And that policy and trend will continue going into the future.

You see, it's all about being a benefit to all who are involved, including the person, rodeo, location or subject of the show, the sponsors and the networks. Meanwhile, those sponsors who did not take advantage of being involved at the time, are now losing out. And yet, it's never too late to get involved and benefit from our cost-effective sponsorship programs.

To learn more simply email our executive producer at holtenscm@gmail.com.

Executive Producer's Program
  • You own 2 prime time episodes of SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS on RFD-TV
  • You own 2 prime time episodes of WILD RIDES on the COWBOY CHANNEL
  • Your episodes will air at least 8 times
  • You choose the topic of each episode
  • You are taped as part of the intro, welcoming viewers to each episode
  • You are taped as part of the closing, thanking viewers for watching in each episode
  • Your 30 second commercial spot appears in each episode (and on social media posts)
  • Your name appears in the credits as Executive Producer
  • You are also listed as a SCM/WR executive producer in all of 104 annual episodes
  • You receive your episodes in advance so as to be able to host preview events
  • Links for each episode are sent to your submitted (Clients/Friends/Associates) email list to watch if you desire
  • If you do not want to be highlighted or appear in the episodes you may use them to promote other entities
  • You are supplied with RFD-TV/COWBOY CHANNEL Executive Producer business cards
  • You receive WILD RIDES W I L D W E A R caps, vests, jackets, shirts, office plaques, and frames poster with your name and title
  • Your post appears once per week in all SCM/RFD-TV and WILD RIDES/COWBOY CHANNEL social media
  • Your episode links are posted on social media once per month for online viewers to re-watch
  • Your episodes are available for endless viewing on yours & the SCM/RFD-TV and WILD RIDES/COWBOY CHANNEL website
  • Your 550 word interview is continuously featured on the SCM/RFD-TV and WILD RIDES/COWBOY CHANNEL website

    Email holtenscm@gmail.com for further details.
The official band of SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS on RFD-TV and WILD RIDES on the COWBOY CHANNEL is the BREAKING EIGHT BAND, an extraordinary country/pop band with rodeo and ranching roots. Their song, "I Been A Cowboy" closed out WILD RIDES episodes on at least 100 occasions and their new song "Wild Rides" both opens and closes each episode now. You'll love their music and especially their new album, which is coming out soon.


This very creative songwriter and singer is also a theme song contributor to SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS and WILD RIDES. Her song "Ride For 8 Seconds" led off the shows for at least 100 episodes. She too has recently recorded a number of new songs that'll be part of our shows.

Listen to "Ride for 8 Seconds"

SCM and Wild Rides MusicSCM and Wild Rides Music
Special Cowboy Moments Productions is in the business of gathering western history for generations to share.  We do that on television.  But we also reveal a lot of history through social media.  Our job is to keep our cowboy and cowgirl legends stories relevant, and that is why we keep a steady stream of history flowing through social media.  So check it out.  Because we don't want you to miss anything.

Do you have a professional PRCA rodeo in your town?  If not, maybe you'd like to take a look at the WILD RIDES RODEO package?  What does it include?

  • A top-notch PRCA Rodeo
  • That rodeo made into annual behind-the-scenes WILD RIDES episodes on the COWBOY CHANNEL
  • A concert featuring the BREAKING EIGHT BAND, RFD-TV and COWBOY CHANNEL music coordinators
  • The possible opening of a SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS CAFE with WILD RIDES dance club
  • Regular concerts/dances at the SCM/WR dance club featuring SCM/WR entertainment
  • Periodic live taping events with live audience for SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS on RFD-TV and WILD RIDES on the COWBOY CHANNEL at your SCM/WR restaurant/dance club
  • Extensive social media exposure
  • And loads of fun

Email holtenscm@gmail.com for details and to receive a bid!
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Special Cowboys of Special Cowboy Moments
While Alvin Nelson of Grassy Butte, N.D., started his career as a three-event roughstock cowboy, he excelled at saddle bronc riding as a professional. Born on April 5, 1934, in Mobridge, S.D., Nelson turned pro in 1953. During his 13-year career, he won a world title, claimed two aggregate crowns at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and qualified for the Wrangler NFR five times. He earned the 1957 world saddle bronc riding title, ending a string of six consecutive titles won by fellow Hall of Famers Casey Tibbs and Deb Copenhaver. Nelson went on to claim the aggregate title at the Wrangler NFR in 1961-62. He also was the all-around champion of the 1961 Wrangler NFR. Nelson is also a member of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and North and South Dakota Cowboy Halls of Fame.

World championships: 1 (1957)
Born: April 5, 1934 in Mobridge, South Dakota
Died: December 23, 2014 in Rochester, Minnesota

Brad Gjermundson’s ability quickly became obvious. He was named PRCA saddle bronc riding Rookie of the Year in 1980. The next year he won the world championship and never looked back. “After I won my first world championship, I continued to set that as my goal every year,” said Gjermundson, who was born March 25, 1959, in Richardson, N.D. He qualified for the NFR eight straight years during the 1980s. Then, in 1994, after a five-year absence, he went back to the premier event and pocketed $81,000, the second highest total ever won by a cowboy in a single event at the NFR up to that time. Gjermundson thinks his quiet demeanor may have fooled peers into believing he lacked competitive fire. His record tells a different story. “I’m going to go for a win every time I nod my head at every rodeo I enter. So far, I guess I’m doing all right,” he said.

World Championships: 4 (1981, 1983-85)
Born: March 25, 1959 in Richardton, North Dakota
The SPECIAL COWBOY MOMENTS online products catalog is being assembled as we speak.  As a teaser, we'll feature a few products here just to give you an idea of what will be available.  However, it will primarily feature the WILD RIDES WILDWEAR apparel line.  Stay tuned for further ordering information.
  • Lone Tree Ranch, Badlands of North Dakota, United States
  • PO Box 3780, Dickinson, ND 58602